Cozy Mysteries

Jenn Seiler-Patrick | Five Points West Regional Branch Library

I love reading cozy mysteries. If you haven’t heard of that genre before, let me explain some of what I know about it. First, cozy mysteries are generally not very suspenseful, which works for me because otherwise, I’ll stay up all night thinking that every noise is a stranger in my house. Second, they often have cutesy titles. Like some of the ones from my recent reading list. Caught Dead-Handed, Tide and Punishment, or Toxic Toffee. Third, they usually involve an amateur sleuth who is working to solve the mystery. Finally, if you read quickly, you’ll be happy to learn that cozy mysteries usually come in a series, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to read next.

I get almost all of my cozy mysteries from Hoopla! If you haven’t heard of Hoopla, it is an app that lets you listen to audiobooks or read e-books on your phone or tablet. Check them out or visit your local library if you need help getting started with Hoopla!