Local Authors Reading Challenge: Vallean Jackson of Adventures with Liyah Presents Colors at First Sight

Author Vallean Jackson has answered the Birmingham Public Library Local Authors Reading Challenge.

Jackson is the author of Adventures with Liyah Presents Colors at First Sight. The book tells the story of Liyah, a curious young girl who loves taking adventures and learns the colors of the world around her. 

Click here for a link of Jackson reading a sample from her book on YouTube https://youtu.be/kK3HXxinHhA 

Author Vallean Jackson

In a Q&A with BPL’s PR Department, Jackson shared what inspired her to write the book.

BPL: What is Adventures with Liyah Presents Colors at First Sight about? 
Jackson: My book is about a little girl named Liyah taking adventures and along the way notices the different colors around her. This awareness of colors and illustrations encourage learning through the use of word/color association and related illustrations to match. 

BPL: You are a journalist - What inspired you to start writing books?
Jackson: I was inspired to write books in high school one summer. I was more of a to myself type of kid, but my imagination was large so I wanted to write down what was in my mind to pass time and eventually that pass time became a chapter and from there I started researching what length for a full length book.

Before I knew it, I had a full book and I was not only entertained but impressed but my own capabilities that I was not even aware I had. Writing helped me to release my imagination and there after realizing that I just kept going and pushing myself to different levels. I at times love a good challenge. 

BPL: You have written about romance and urban fiction, horror and anthologies. What led you to switch gears now and write your first children’s book? 
Jackson: The idea to want to write children’s books came after finishing the third part of my series I believe. I told the publisher I was with at the time that I wanted to write a children’s book. I had the idea written out and images that matched my concept, but they informed me that they did not publish children’s books. So at the time I let it go. 

It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I decided to step out on faith and bring to life this dream I had long ago put off. The intent is that this book series will be my daughter’s head start in life.

 BPL: What is the main message from Adventures with Liyah Presents Colors at First Sight
Jackson: There is so much to learn around you, get out and adventure. Explore life and learn as you go.  
BPL: Have you read your book to young children. What has their reaction been? 
Jackson: I have not read my book to young children, but I one day hope to. I would love to dedicate that time to do them and get their feedback. Plus I’m sure my daughter would love it as well. 

BPL: Anything else to add?
 Jackson: I want kids to know that their knowledge is their power. We are in a time in life where the learning curriculum has been altered leaving many in the room to not fully engage in their learning. 

Your character is defined by what you do when no one is looking. Build your character early! A teacher may not be standing directly in front of you, but do not take this time to slack off. Do not shorten yourself, you deserve the best!

About the Author: A native of Birmingham, Vallean Jackson is a 2015 graduate of Jacksonville State University with a major in print journalism and a minor in biology. A newspaper journalist, Jackson has written several books, from anthologies to romance, urban fiction and some horror. Her latest book is a children’s fiction.  

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To buy her book Adventures with Liyah Presents Colors at First Sight, click on valleanj.bigcartel.com. You can also find the book on Amazon and Kindle.