Why I’m Thankful for My Library: Red Mountain Community School Teachers


Receiving feedback from patrons is a great way for librarians to know they are having a positive impact on the communities they serve. 

Employees at the Avondale Regional Library are honored to provide quality services for nearby Red Mountain Community School, as highlighted in this Q&A with Melanie Walker-Malone, head of the school (click here)

Check out these patron testimonials from teachers at Red Mountain Community School on why they’re thankful for their library:

Erin Keenan, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher 

 “Our school has loved using the Avondale library on our “Park Days”. The K-2nd grade set often shows up unannounced. The sweet staff always welcomes the busy, excited, not silent group of 18ish little people with open arms. They are quick to help our kids find just right books, make recommendations, and shower us with bookmarks, and other trinkets. We are so very grateful for the Avondale Library and look forward to visiting again soon.”

Melissa Shultz-Jones, 3rd Grade Teacher

“When we moved to Avondale, one of the first things we did was meet our librarians. They recommended we try out Red Mountain Community School! They have always made lovely hosts for community events in Avondale. It is one way we have come to know several of our neighbors.”

Mandy Deter, 7th/8th Grade Teacher

 “Avondale Library and their faithful, familiar staff have been friends to my family for 20 years. Years of story times with Ms. Eve and summer reading programs when my children were small. My three young children struggled to learn to read and one summer Ms. Carla connected us with "hands in paws" and one of my children participated by reading to animals! “When our home burned in 2009, Ms. Carla even came to my home and offered help and friendship. 

The Avondale Library staff are always welcoming and delight in our children when we come as a school. In fact, in all the years I have visited this library, I only remember smiling friendly people who love reading and children. They have created a safe space for so many with unfailing joy. It is a neighborhood treasure.”