Monday, February 14, 2011

New York Times Best Sellers List to Include E-book Fiction and Nonfiction

NookOver the weekend the New York Times launched its best sellers lists for e-book fiction and nonfiction. The Times is also adding combined print and e-book lists. The lists will be compiled from data from publishers, online retailers, and chain and independent bookstores, among other sources. It's not known if these sources will include Amazon e-book sales. E-book distributor OverDrive issues its own monthly list of "best sellers" in its Most Downloaded Audiobooks and eBooks list. The Association of American Publishers January report revealed that e-book sales from 2010 through November were up 165.6% compared to 2009.

Downloadable e-books and audiobooks provide convenient accessibility and usability. If you've been hearing about downloadables but don't know what it's all about, visit OverDrive's user-friendly website where you'll find information on how to get started. OverDrive recently added LibraryBIN, an online digital bookstore that allows you to buy e-book and audiobooks and will donate a percentage of sales to the library. So now you can checkout materials and shop at the same time. Talk about convenient!

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