Monday, February 28, 2011

Opportunities and Challenges of Being the First Black Library Director in Birmingham

Barbara Sirmans, former director of the Birmingham Public Library, discusses the opportunities and challenges of being the first black library director in Birmingham and how life prepared her to meet accompanying obstacles and deterrents.

Recently retired as director, Mrs. Sirmans remains an active part of the library community as a member of the Friends of the Library and continues her journey as a library advocate.


Geraldine goodin said...

I remember Mrs. Sirmans, from the Smithfield Branch Library. She was always very gracious and knowledgeable of any subject pretaining to the library.

I brought my children in, as I remember she was a stickler for order.
I have only good memories being a parent working with her. The Summer Reading Program was just awesome.
Mrs. Sirams, whatever you'll doing someone is reaping the benefits.

Geraldine Goodin (my how libraries have changed).

aisha said...

Great story. You and the little girl make us proud, Barbara.

ncwfa said...

As a high school classmate of Barbara Conyers Sirmans, I am extremely proud to read about her accomplishments as a librarian in Birmingham, Ala. She has represented Kingstree, SC and Tomlinson High well. Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors.

Shirley L Fulton

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