Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book Review: Revolution

Revolution Book Jacket

Imagine . . .

You are climbing a long, winding staircase in a dark, foreboding castle. You come to a room, but the door is closed. Do you dare enter? You boldly decide to take a look inside and there, on a shelf, in the corner, you find a glass jar with a tiny object inside. What does this jar contain? On closer inspection, to your horror, you discover that, suspended in a clear liquid, is a tiny heart. Well, the mystery of this heart began in Paris over two hundred years ago. . . But, let's start our journey in Brooklyn, the home of Andi Alpers, where a secret becomes an obsession.

Andi Alpers is very troubled over her brother Truman's death. She's angry about her father leaving and her mother's subsequent nervous breakdown. Andi's hanging out with the wrong crowd and performing poorly in school. She's a gifted musician but will soon be expelled from Brooklyn's prestigious private school, St. Anselm. Her father intervenes and requests that she accompany him back to Paris. He hopes that she will be able to work on her senior thesis and graduate with grades that will earn her a place in an Ivy League University.

Andi's studying Malherbeau, a brilliant music composer, and his influence on modern music. While in Paris, she finds a journal that once belonged to Alexandrine Paradis, a young girl who dreamed of performing on stage. Although these girls are two centuries apart, their connection becomes an obsession. As Andi reads the antique pages, she discovers the power of words and her link to the past.

Revolution is an interesting blend of history and music, as well as an unforgettable story of love, loss, and life. Through these pages, you will take a journey through the streets of Paris and tour the underground catacombs. There are references to popular music groups throughout, as well as music influences. Did you know that music by Radiohead, as well as other current groups was influenced by Bach? Donnelly makes history exciting and if you don't think you like history, just get started reading this book and think again!

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