Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Birmingham Public Library Honors Donors

BPL Director Renee Blalock addresses a group of library supporters at a reception in their honor.

The Birmingham Public Library hosted a reception in the Southern History department last Thursday honoring upper level donors whose contributions have sustained library operations and special projects for the last two years. Thanks to these supporters, BPL has been able to maintain our services to the public and, even despite the budget cuts of the last few years, has had the opportunity to develop new programs for library patrons—from expanding archival collections to purchasing books and supplies for our branches. We welcome the continued support of the generous people of Birmingham, and we look forward to recognizing and honoring the philanthropists who give so generously to BPL each year!

BPL Associate Director Angela Hall (left), Shekera Stanley, and Brooke Coleman.

Friends President Regina Ammon (center), Courtney Pigford, and Sol Kimerling.

Library board President Gwendolyn Welch (right), Shekera Stanley, and Lewis Blair.

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