Thursday, January 03, 2013

BPL Archives to Share 1930s Diary Through Facebook

This coming new year, the Archive will be doing something brand new. Throughout 2013, every day in fact, we will be posting a 1934 journal entry from a Birmingham School Teacher named Ms. Loula Upton.

Ms. Upton, Loula was born in Lebanon, Tennessee, on October 1, 1898. She moved to Birmingham to teach, first at the elementary/grade school level, then at Woodlawn High School, and finally at Samford University.

As an introduction to Loula's humor, wit, and writing style, see the Introduction to her publication in the 1933 V.32 Is.9 The Journal of Geography article, "How to Use the Textbook."

Readers/Friends will enjoy and identify with subject matter in Loula’s journal entries. Her students, dieting, dining out, books she is reading, and many more topics cross the pages and the generations to become endearing and engaging snippets of life for a young, witty, school teacher in 1934 Birmingham

Stay tuned for more entries for a year with Loula.You'll want to spend the year with her, and all you have to do is friend the Archives on Facebook at We know you'll love her as much as we do!

Submitted by Catherine Oseas
Archives Department
Central Library

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