Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Alabama Reigns Supreme

Alabama Crimson Tide
AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

In true SEC fashion, the Alabama Crimson Tide knocked off the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, 42-14, in the BCS National Championship game.  Truth be told, I was watching the game with my fingers crossed that Notre Dame would score at all.  The game was out of reach so early, I was hoping it wouldn’t turn into a Week 1 blowout.  Although Nick Saban waited until the end of the 4th quarter to take his starters out of the game, he probably could have done it at the beginning of the quarter. 

Alabama’s win gives them three national championships in four years.  The intervening championship was won by the Auburn Tigers.  An SEC team has won the BCS National Championship every year since 2006.  Not only that, the SEC is so dominant in college football that the 2011 championship was a matchup between two SEC teams!   I’m happy the BCS was fair enough to acknowledge that the two best teams were in the same conference.  Amazingly enough, in some past seasons, a team from another conference had to lose at the end of the season in order for the SEC to get to play for the championship.  Take a look at this:

2006 Florida (41) Ohio State (14)
2007 LSU (38) Ohio State (24)
2008 Florida (24) Oklahoma (14)
2009 Alabama (37) Texas (21)
2010 Auburn (22) Oregon (19)
2011 Alabama (21) LSU (0)           
2012 Alabama (42) Notre Dame (14)

After the game last night, some of the players and reporters were talking about a football dynasty at Alabama.  I’ll gladly climb aboard that train and add the following comment.  The SEC is already a football dynasty and whether or not Alabama’s dominance continues, there will definitely be an SEC team hoisting the national championship trophy.  ROLL TIDE!!!!

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