Friday, January 11, 2013

Library Offers Free Spreadsheets Classes

Spreadsheets Program

An electronic spreadsheet is a computer program that is equivalent to a paper ledger sheet. It is used for storing, organizing, and manipulating data (numbers, text, times, currency, percentages, formulas, etc.). It consists of a grid, made from columns, rows, and cells (the intersection of a column and a row). A cell can contain value or data. You can create and manipulate spreadsheets (which are called worksheets). It can also produce graphs (known as charts) from your data and can link one worksheet to another. These applications have commonly replaced many paper-based methods and systems for business and personal purposes.

At the Regional Library Computer Center, we teach two versions of spreadsheets: OpenOffice Calc and Microsoft Office Excel 2010. Registration for our January OpenOffice Calc classes, which are held in two parts, is full. However, you may call our department at (205) 226-3799 or (205) 226-3680 or fill out our online registration to inquire about future classes.

Submitted by Farah A. Ferguson
Public Computer Services
Central Library

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