Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Curl Up with a Book Anywhere You Happen to Be

While I was having my car serviced, the technician took pains to show me that there was a television in the waiting room to alleviate my boredom, but I said, “No thanks, I have a book on my phone.” Of course, I wound up having to explain that, and it went something like this:

Not only are there free apps like OverDrive and Kindle that can turn your smart phone into an e-reader, but you can check out downloadable books for free from the library. That’s right—the apps and the books are free! All you need is a library card.

The library’s OverDrive website is easy to navigate and has plenty of help and support to get you started, including how-to videos. You just need your library card number to sign in, and then you can check out and download up to 10 e-books or audiobooks at a time. And when your loan period is over, the books just go away, so you don’t even have to worry about late fees.

Then whenever you’re stuck with unexpected downtime, like waiting in a doctor’s office or having your car repaired, you have everything you need to curl up with a good book wherever you are.

I never thought I’d enjoy reading a book on my phone, but now I love it. I hate to be stuck without something to read, and now I never am. I have access to a whole library right in my pocket.

Ellen Griffin Shade
Avondale Library

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