Thanks, Dad, for Introducing Me to Collectibles

Saundra's father and one of his vintage collectibles

I guess my interest in collectibles started with my dad who's a car enthusiast and collector of vintage cars. I think back on those Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings, as a teenager, when we would hop into one of his many cars to take a joy ride. My absolute two favorites of dad's collection are the '67 Camaro and '34 Ford with coach doors.

The great thing about collectibles is that they can have monetary or sentimental value. In one case the collector wishes for the highest return on his investment, and the other collector sees his collection as priceless.

Over the years I've accumulated a few of my own collectibles. The largest is a collection of dolls that includes a few from the 1950s and 1960s. It started with Barbie and then my collection expanded to Cabbage Patch Kids.

Collecting Cabbage Patch Kids really has sentimental value for me. These dolls were the first contemporary major brand of dolls that my sister and I received as gifts for birthdays and Christmases during the eighties. To see a Cabbage Patch Kids doll or even an image of one instantly takes me back to the 1980s and my youth years.

Saundra's doll collection

In the last two years, I’ve started Monster High and Lalaloopsy doll collections. I have to admit, I’m being very selective as to which dolls I purchase because new ones debut each year. Careful…I might run out of space!

Oh, did I mention a good friend of mine collects replicas of ladybugs? You see, collectibles can be almost anything a person's heart desires. Think about it—collections of coins, stamps, model airplanes, paintings, presidential buttons, and yes, books too!

It doesn't matter whether or not an expert has appraised the collection for a gazillion dollars, it's what the collection's value and meaning brings to the individual collector.

If you're wondering how much your collection is worth, or are curious about the history of an item, let the collection of reference and circulating collectible books in the Jefferson County library system help you with your research.

Saundra Ross
North Avondale Library