Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Movie Review: Miss Potter

The movie, Miss Potter, reveals the story of Beatrix Potter, author of the beloved children’s classic, The Tales of Peter Rabbit. The enchanting story of Beatrix Potter was filmed in the beautiful Lake District in the North of England. The lush, dramatic scenery inspired the illustrations and writings of the most successful classic children’s author of all times. Spectacular views of lake scenery, countryside and woodland trails inspired the characters and settings for many of Potter’s books. Watch this movie and be swept away into the world of Beatrix Potter, one of beautiful English countryside, gardens and of course, tiny clever creatures envisioned by this imaginative author.

Renee Zellweger portrays the shy yet spirited children’s author. We follow Potter’s struggles to get her first book published and then see her fall in love with her publisher, Norman Warne. As a young female author, Beatrix suffered many of the prejudices that female writers struggled with during this time period. The breathtaking beauty of Britain’s Lake District provides the perfect, romantic landscape for Potter and Warren’s relationship. Throughout the movie, we are taken back to Potter’s childhood. We learn that, even as a young child, Beatrix displayed a vivid imagination, as well as a drawing talent that allowed her to create beautiful illustrations of nature. The fanciful dreams of young Beatrix resulted in her seeing the creatures come to life in her mind. In Potter’s imagination, these clever creatures including ducks, rabbits and other animals, engage in all types of antics. In the movie, we view the author’s sketchbook of illustrations, including drawings of plants and animals. She seemed to draw each one with accuracy and love, displaying creativity as well as a love for all creatures and the English landscape. Beatrix Potter became a strong environmental advocate and succeeded in protecting the land she loved so much.

Watch Miss Potter and you will be richly rewarded by a tale as lovely as the delightful stories that filled the imagination of this much loved children’s author. You will also get to know the wonderful author who created some of your favorite children’s stories.

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