Birmingham Board of Education Seeks Community Engagement

The Board of Education encourages the public's participation in the strategic planning phases to transform Birminhgam City Schools into a world class school system.

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Anonymous said…
The "comments" space on this form is dwarfed by the highly abstract text that precedes it. The reader is informed that one may fax or mail the form. Fax it to what number? Mail it to what address? Perhaps it would me simplest to throw away my comments in my own trash can, rather than sending them to the Board of Education for disposal.

The design of this form is so typical of the Birmingham Schools' approach to any task: cumbersome administration, elevated and abstract jargon, a token effort to acknowledge the public, and no awareness at all of failures. I am convinced that the top-heavy leadership of the Birmingham public schools will remain content with their performance as long as some students succeed in winning scholarships to colleges. As long as every single student does not fail, the system as a whole shall be deemed a success. And human potential in Birmingham continues to be squelched in the very places it should be most nourished.
Anonymous said…
Alarob must have failed to read or was unable to comprehend the information. Contact information, fax number, email address and street address, is included in the article.

If the space is "dwarfed" thank goodness alarob did not need additonal space to say nothing.

It is true that the message should and could have been written to be understood my the "average" reader.
As a retiree, I volunteer helping students in Birmingham City Schools. It maybe a great idea if alarob would try to do the same, if he/she is capable of maintaining an open mind with inner city children.