World Series 2009

Philadelphia Phillies New York Yankees
The stage is set. It’s Philadelphia versus New York in a 7-game, no-holds-barred cage match. Oops. Scratch that. It is the Phillies versus the Yankees, but I don’t know where that cage match stuff came from. We all know that baseball is a gentleman’s sport. Yeah right. Tell that to Erick Aybar after A-Rod slid directly into him trying to prevent a double-play during the ALCS. To his credit, A-Rod did help him up off the ground and Aybar made the throw to first. The Yankees haven’t been to the World Series in 6 years and this will be A-Rod’s first World Series. The Phillies are trying to repeat as World Series champions. Sounds like a good matchup to me, but I’m not the baseball expert in the department. He’s a little tied up right now. Cue the ghoulish laughter. Game 1 is tonight in the Bronx. Don’t miss it.