Review: Blue Plate Special by Michelle D. Kwasney

How many ways can a parent mess up a child’s life (or their own for that matter)? How long can you mourn the past? What does it take to break out of the pattern of self-destruction? Madeline, Desiree and Ariel each have a unique chance for their own life. Each approaches her life tentatively, disbelieving their individual self-worth and worthiness, each reaching for ANOTHER life, one better, less pain-filled, less complicated. Madeline’s search for a better life was largely in the 1970s, marking time until she graduated from High School. Desiree stumbles through the 1990s while Ariel is very near the making a major mistake in 2009. Somehow there is a cosmic connection - a big plate of leftovers transformed into a new and tasty Blue Plate Special. Then they, at last, find a way to communicate with each other and listen and perhaps make a step toward mending the broken parts of their lives.

Review written by Grace M. Slaughter