Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Get Healthy with National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month* and is sponsored by the American Diabetic Association. This year's theme is "Eat Right With Color". Ruth Frechman offers great advice by suggesting a rainbow week of colors and examples to guide in her blog post, Celebrate National Nutrition Month.

  • Monday- Eat something orange (carrots)

  • Tuesday- Eat something green (green beans)

  • Wednesday-Eat something tan (oatmeal)

  • Thursday-Eat something purple (eggplant)

  • Friday-Eat something red (apples)

  • Saturday-Eat something blue (blueberries)

  • Sunday- Eat something yellow (squash)

To help get you started on better nutrition, visit the display of books, audiobooks, and DVDs celebrating National Nutrition Month in the Business, Science, and Technology department of the Birmingham Public Library. Please contact us at 205-226-3690 if you have questions.

National Nutrition Month is a federally registered service mark, and its graphics, themes, and logos are copyrighted.

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healthcoachNC said...

We have all heard the cliche' "You are what you eat". More and more research is proving this very fact. Evidence has been shown that eating the right foods can help to boost immunity, fight fatigue, and protect your health. This month, take the time to evaluate your plate and set a goal to make sure that you are eating for optimum health.

In love and light,

Christal DeLoach
Your Health & Wellness Coach

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