Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Personal Finance 2013

What do you think when you hear the term personal finance? Do you think about balancing your check book, paying your household expenditures, or how to save for the future? Most Americans do not understand basic concepts of personal finance. According to, “A new survey by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation found that 75% of U.S. adults say they're pros at managing their finances, but only 14% could ace a five-question quiz on basic financial concepts, and only 25% more managed to score four out of five.”

When considering your personal financial situation, one must look at many aspects: credit worthiness, debt ratio, home ownership, money management, insurance, retirement, estate planning, etc. The Birmingham Public Library is a good place to go for free, unbiased resources on all aspects of personal finance. The resources listed below will get you started on expanding your knowledge of this topic.

The everything personal finance in your 20s and 30s book : eliminate your debt, manage your money, and build for an exciting financial future / Howard Davidoff
Pocket your dollars : 5 attitude changes that will help you pay down debt, avoid financial stress, and keep more of what you make / Carrie Rocha
Financial fresh start : your five-step plan for adapting and prospering in the new economy / Shari Olefson.
Securing your financial future : complete personal finance for beginners / Chris Smith.

Spend well, live rich with Michelle Singletary: seven money mantras for a richer life
Get out of debt!: and rebuild your credit.
Personal finance. Program 1, Money basics
Personal finance. Program 2, Saving strategies

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