Tuesday, May 20, 2014

25 Years of Moore Magic

Magician Larry Moore pulls tricks on an audience at Avondale Library.
Longtime lover of libraries and advocate of reading Larry Moore—aka “The Magic Man”—has been sharing his special brand of magic with the Jefferson County Libraries for 25 years. He will be performing for adults, teens, and children in the Birmingham Public Library's Summer Reading Program. His first performance will be on June 2, 10:00 a.m., at Powderly Library. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Larry and finding out what makes him do what he does.

Q: At what age did you become interested in the world of magic?
A: I became interested in performing magic at the age of seven when my aunt gave me a Marshall Brodien magic set for my birthday.

Q: Who was/is your mentor?
A: My mentor and teacher, although he never actually taught me magic, was Cousin Cliff Holman. He led by example. There is where I learned to pack it all in a briefcase and think simple but entertain first.

Q: What was the first trick you learned?
A: I went to a store called Tricks and Treats located inside the Century Plaza Mall. I purchased a trick called the Professor’s Nightmare (3 unequal lengths of rope magically become the same size and then go back to their original length). Also a thumb tip and a dove pan. I got rid of the dove pan 5 years later but still kept on performing the rope trick and using the thumb tip.

Q: What is your favorite trick to perform?
A: After all of these years I still enjoy performing the Professor’s Nightmare. If you have ever been to one my performances, I’m sure you have seen it.

Q: Do you remember when and where you did your first library program?
A: My first library performance was at the Graysville Public Library. Four years later I was asked to perform at one of the Jefferson County libraries and I have been going strong ever since.

Q: Why do you like performing at libraries?
A: 2014 marks my 25th year of working with the Jefferson County libraries. I have always enjoyed reading and if I can use my magic to instill that love in others, then I have accomplished much.

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Carla Perkins
Avondale Library

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