Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Business License Renewal Now Available at all Birmingham Public Library Locations

In conjunction with the City of Birmingham’s efforts to improve customer service for its citizens, business owners can now renew their business licenses at all 19 Birmingham Public Library locations.

The online service sponsored by the City of Birmingham is available via public computers at any BPL location across the city.

In addition, business owners have the option to submit and pay for business license renewals via chrome books at these five BPL locations:

 • Central Library, 2100 Park Place (Note: services will be at the Linn-Henley Research Library until the Central Library East Building Monumental Stairs Renovation Project is completed by late March 2020)

 • Avondale Regional Branch Library, 509 40th St. South

 • Five Points West Regional Branch Library, 4812 Avenue West

 • Springville Road Regional Branch Library, 1224 Old Springville Rd.

 • North Birmingham Regional Branch Library, 2501 31st Ave. North

Signs within the five libraries will direct patrons to the business kiosk area where users can access a business kiosk with chrome books to renew their business license. You can also renew business licenses on any public computer at all BPL locations by clicking on this link 

The City of Birmingham has contracted with Avenu Insights & Analytics to provide online processing of city business licenses and related taxes. Based in Centreville, Va. just outside of Washington, D.C., Avenue Insights provides software solutions for state and local governments across the country.

In December, Avenu Insights began sending postcards to Birmingham business owners about the new online access. Businesses with existing licenses will be eligible and will be able to log in to the system once they have received a postcard. The postcard will contain their unique username and password.

Businesses should visit www.birminghamal.gov/business or click here for more information.

“Customer service is a core value for the city and this goes directly to that commitment,” Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin said. “Online filing adds tremendous convenience to our business owners, which saves them valuable time and streamlines the process. Partnering with a local company that has a vested interest in our community is an added benefit.”

The partnership with Birmingham is personal for Avenu’s tax processing team, said Avenu Chief Executive Officer Paul Colangelo.

“The services and support that our office will provide, in addition to the opportunity to secure and find additional revenue for the city that we live, work and play in, adds a higher level of responsibility,” Colangelo said. “We are personally invested in the strategic plan for this city and excited to be a part its continued success.”

In moving forward with this initiative, the city worked closely with the small business community to identify their concerns and needs.

“When small business owners are forced to step away from their companies to seek business licenses, their company and their customers lose valuable time,” said Darlene Wilson, the city services sub-committee chair of the Small Business Council. “Streamlining this process is fundamental to creating an environment where small businesses can thrive, and we are excited to partner with the city in this effort.”

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