Picture Book Review: Who Will I Be, Lord? by Vaunda M. Nelson

By Andrei T. Jones | Five Points West Regional Branch Library 

As youngsters we’ve all had high aspirations of what profession we’d like to take on once we're all grown up. I wanted to be a postman, but reality happened and my career path was altered (in a good way).

In the picture book Who Will I Be, Lord? a young girl ponders the future as to what profession she would like to assume once she is all grown up. As she ponders this question, her unique family history is revealed through memories and shared stories passed down from previous generations of relatives. Each family story described is rich in culture, history, pride, and education. These unique family stories ultimately define who she is and what path she will ultimately take.

Who Will I Be, Lord? was written by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, an award-winning African American author of children’s and young adult books, and illustrated by Sean Qualls. This fun little picture book was a great read with excellent illustrations!

Read more about Vaunda Micheaux Nelson and her books at her website.