Get Free Hygge Cozy Kits from Avondale Regional Library


Pick up free "Hygge Cozy Kits" beginning January 12 at Avondale Regional Library.

Winter is the perfect time for curling under a warm blanket, drinking warm tea and reading a good book. Warmth, coziness, and an overall feeling of happiness are associated with these activities. 

Hygge is a Danish concept that, loosely translated, encompasses feelings of well-being and cozy contentment. Interestingly, this Danish word is related to the sixteenth-century Norwegian term “hugga”, meaning “to comfort” or “to console,” which is related to the English word “hug.”

Here are a few inspiring quotes which further explain hygge:

“Hygge is like a warm hug.” 

“Put on a pot of coffee, heat up a cinnamon bun & snuggle up. That’s hygge.” 

“Hygge is all about atmosphere. If it’s raining, jump in your rubber boots and your rain coat and go for a walk. It’ll clear your mind completely.” 

“It’s about the small things in life. Like warm socks. A dim-lit room. A hot cup of tea in your favorite mug.” 

Avondale Regional Library has created “Hygge Cozy Kits” for the winter season. 

Beginning Wednesday, January 12, and throughout the rest of this month, just come to the Avondale Library Circulation Desk to pick up your free kit - while supplies last. 

Now, relax and enjoy! Aah, the simple joys of life!

Each kit contains the following items: 

· DIY Fragrant coast craft kit 

· Packet of Vanilla Chai Tea 

· Color in bookmark 

· Chocolates

· Winter themed puzzles 

· Coloring sheets 

· Scandinavian recipe 

· Hygge reading list

By Leslie Deason|Avondale Regional Library