Who Knew Saving Money Could Be So Fun!


BPL & JCLC libraries have books available to help you learn how to save money. 

Every year millions of people set New Years Resolutions and break most ,if not all, of them during the month of January. 

I myself set goals that I have broken, but this year will be different. I have researched financial freedom and in all the things that I have read about achieving any goal is that you must be specific. 

How much are you going to save and for how long? 

What specific goals are you saving for? What are you willing to sacrifice or reduce? 

Will you need to get a side hustle or sell some of your hobbies to fund it? 

In 2021, I started 5 savings challenges and invested in the stock market and in cryptocurrency. Some of the savings challenges I did were The 52 week Savings Challenge, The Nickel Challenge and The Zero Out Challenge

I was able to save enough money to pay off my car and other bills. I was also able to put some of my savings into buying long term stock and cryto.

The U.S. stock market is struggling so far in 2022. This year there will be multiple interest rate hikes that could take the financial markets to major lows not seen in years. We could fall into what is called a Bear Market, which is when the prices of securities (stocks) fall sharply and money is lost. 

During this time, a lot of people will sell their stock, when in fact it is the time to hold on  and also buy more, taking advantage of low stock prices. You will be able to invest in stocks that it would have taken years to get into when the prices were high.

I am still new to all this - and am by no means an expert. I am not a financial advisor and neither do I play one on television, but I can tell you I will be buying more and saving more this year.

The Birmingham Public Library is a great place to start if you want to know more about saving, budgeting and investing your money. 

We have a multitude of data bases, services and materials that will have you on your way to financial freedom. 

Click here for books on saving money available at BPL and JCLC.

Now is the time to take advantage of these free services because believe me you will need help in the months ahead.