Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Book Review: It's a Bing Thing

book coverThis review is in honor of my 3-year-old son Lucas, who showed me the glory of the Bing Bunny books. For all of those out of the loop, Bing and his stuffed sidekick Flop are creations of Ted Dewan, an American-born writer and illustrator of children’s books who lives in London.

Unlike Barney, Pooh, Thomas or the usual suspects over at Sesame Street, Bing and Flop do not grace the fronts of Underoos; parents cannot flip through a book and order a Bing Bunny birthday cake. Check out the Bing Blog to see the imaginative ways parents are supplying their tykes with Bing paraphernalia. You might say we go above and beyond to please our little fan-atics.

The illustrations in the Bing Bunny series have a cool, hip daddy-o vibe, which makes the colors and objects of Bing’s world pleasing to the eye. The eight books humorously teach shapes (How about a picnic in the square? No. Too much dog poo); sounds (Bingo! Bongo! Bang! Don’t go bongo, Bing); getting dressed (You forgot your dungarees!); and the vagaries of potty training and trying new foods. The books are small and square, a perfect size for greedy little hands to snatch off the bookshelf.

Lucas loves these books so much that he can spout some of the dialogue verbatim. Yes, I do have to read these books over and over again, but unlike most put upon parents, I can honestly say it’s a pleasure.

Search the JCLC catalog for more Dewan books.


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