Monday, April 02, 2007

Hooked on Audio Books?

I could hardly wait to get in my car this morning. Yesterday on the way home from work, I was listening to Michael Palmer’s newest audio book, The Fifth Vial, and pulled into the garage ready to exit my car … but felt strangely compelled to continue listening. Hooked, I know.

Fortunately, the library offers audio books as CDs, cassette tapes, downloadable mp3s, and recently in Playaway format for free.

The Playaway, a palm sized audio book device, gives me a new way to feed my audio addiction. The simple allPlayaway All-in-One Audio Book-in-one Playaway delivers high quality digital sound without the juggling of multiple CDs, rewinding multiple cassettes, or downloading mp3s. All you have to do to listen is plug in your headphones, put in one AAA battery, and press play.

Playaway self-playing audio books are currently available at Avondale, Eastlake, Eastwood, Five Points West, North Avondale, North Birmingham, Southside, Titusville, West End, and the Central library.

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