NoveList: A Fiction Reader's Best Friend

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When most people think about library databases, they think non-fiction. NoveList is a fiction database that provides subject heading access, reviews, annotations and much more for over 135,000 fiction titles. It also includes other content of interest to fiction readers, such as Author Read-alikes, What We're Reading, Book Discussion Guides, BookTalks and Annotated Book Lists. For school media specialists and teachers there are Picture Book Extenders and articles on Teaching with Fiction.

What stumps most readers is the confusing search for a book in a series, finding similar books of interest or trying to recall a forgotten book they enjoyed with only a few clues to guide them. NoveList to the rescue! Search by a series name to pull up a list of the author’s books; enter a favorite title to find similar books; and enter search words to describe a plot to help you locate that ever elusive book.

NoveList even lets you personalize by creating folders to save your lists for the next time you log on. Anyone who has ever spent time researching only to lose information will understand what a great bonus feature this is.

Using NoveList will surely keep you in great books for some time to come.