Friday, September 04, 2009

Are You Ready?

Auburn TigersAlabama Crimson Tide
Miles Golden BearsUAB Blazers

Is it my imagination or have I been seeing a lot more flags and windsocks lately? The days are getting shorter, the air is a little bit cooler. Could it be? Is it time? Are you ready?

We’ve been waiting all summer and football season is FINALLY here. Sure, I know that high school football has started and the NFL season is about a week away, but The Tide, Tigers, Blazers, Gamecocks, Hornets, Panthers, Samford and Alabama A&M Bulldogs take the field for the first time on Saturday. The Labor Day Golden Classic between Miles College and Tuskegee takes place on Sunday. Get the food ready, pack the car, call your friends, fire up the grill, turn on the high-def, head to the sports bar, whatever you do to get ready for the game, do it, because FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!!!

Check out the Football subject guide to get updated news articles, listings of books, and links to team websites to keep you up-to-date on all the latest. Enjoy the season.

1 comment:

Tressa said...

I'm ready for Bama to whip some more tail this year. Roll Tide!

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