Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Storyteller Swap

One of the services the Birmingham Public Library provides is storytime and programs for children of all ages. This is a time when children hear and watch their favorite stories come to life. Storytellers partner with parents and teachers to help children achieve the early learning skills they need. Children are introduced to the literary world, filled with imagination and wonder.

But storytellers put a lot of planning and research into their craft. One of those avenues are swaps where they come together to learn, share and borrow ideas from each other. Materials include anything from homemade props to songs -- anything that helps to make storytime and learning more enjoyable for children. After all, as you will see, storytellers are really children at heart.

North Birmingham Public Library, one of the regional libraries, hosted the swap on Monday, September 28. As with all swap workshops, there was a theme. This swap's theme was on Holidays. Each regional library take turns hosting the swap workshops. Springville Road Public Library will be hosting the next one in December. All storytellers and children's librarians are invited and welcome to attend.

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