Beyond the Basics of Genealogy Workshops Scheduled for November 8 at Central Library

Looking for your ancestor’s military service? What about finding that elusive Native American ancestor? If you’ve ever wondered how to get started researching military records or where to find proof of your family’s Native American ancestry, come to the library on Saturday, November 8, 2014, for the final installment in our Beyond the Basics of Genealogy series.

What’s the difference between a service record and a pension application and do I really need them both? “How to Use Military Records in Family History Research” will give you a strong introduction to the types of military records available and how to locate them. Finding your ancestor’s service can be challenging, but incredibly rewarding. What better way to celebrate Veteran’s Day, than by learning how to research and keep alive the memories of our servicemen and women?

Native American genealogy is very popular, but presents some unique challenges to researchers. Sources like the Dawes Roll and the Guion Miller Roll are essential tools for anyone undertaking research on their Native American ancestors. Our final class this year will focus on these resources and others that will help demystify the process of Native American genealogy research.

Both classes will be held at the Central Library in the Arrington Auditorium on November 8, 2014. “How to Use Military Records” will begin at 9:30 a.m. and “Native American Genealogy Research” will follow at 11:00 a.m.  The classes are free, but registration is requested. Call the Southern History Department at 226-3665 to register or email at

M.B. Newmill
Southern History Department
Central Library


Anonymous said…

Could we get a little earlier notice of these workshops? I did not receive the e-mail until November 7. Thanks.
Melinda Shelton said…

We will make sure to send out information earlier and we apologize for the late notice.