Pratt City Community's Red Ribbon Day Poster and Essay Contest Winners

The Pratt City community celebrated Red Ribbon Day in the heart of the Revitalization District (near the old Pratt City Library, 820 2nd Street) on Saturday, October 18, 2014. According to Red Ribbon Campaign, Red Ribbon Day/Week, came about as a result of “angered parents and youth in communities across the country who began wearing red Ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the killing and destruction caused by drugs in America.”

It was a lively festival that the library supported 100%. All staff members were involved and we all wore our red BPL T-Shirts. I previously blogged that the Pratt City Library staff served as judges for the poster contest, and here are the winners of the poster and essay contests. They were chosen among 33 outstanding submissions by the two participating schools.

Poster Contest Winners
South Hampton Elementary School
1st Place - Alanna Allen
2nd Place - Chauncey Mack
3rd Place - Ja Taylor

Jackson Olin High School
1st Place - Shakira Moore
2nd Place - NaCoby Robinson
3rd Place - Tyneshia Carlton

Posters are on display in the library. The students were very creative and thoughtful in their presentations based on the theme, “I’ve Got Better Things To Do Than Drugs."

Essay Contest Winners
South Hampton Elementary School
1st Place -Trinity Drake
2nd Place - Antonio Sullivan
3rd Place - Alexis Wilson

Mrs. Angene Coleman spearheaded this annual event, along with former Officer Joseph Rucker, Councilman Marcus Lundy, and Pratt City community leaders. Ms Wanda Bledsoe was in charge of the contests.

Deborah Drake Blackmon
Pratt City Library