Birmingham's Rich History of Generosity

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It isn't surprising that Birmingham's metropolitan area is number 3 in the amount of charitable giving since Birmingham has a rich history of generosity.

As an example of that generosity, one of my favorite heroines, Roberta Morgan, was a woman who contributed greatly to Birmingham's charity community in the early twentieth century. She worked with the local and national Red Cross, helped establish Birmingham's Community Chest (United Way), and was involved in several social work projects during the Great Depression. In 1928, Morgan took part in the Birmingham Association of Social Workers Confidential Exchange. This group set up a Christmas Exchange Committee to coordinate several organizational groups efforts to provide Christmas presents for those who had no means to have a Christmas otherwise.
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A brochure detailing Christmas needs in 1928 is available to view as part of the library's online digital collection. Take a look at the coordination and detail put together by the Christmas Exchange to make sure needy families in Birmingham were able to enjoy Christmas.

As a Birmingham native, I'm thankful and happy to know that my community still cares for those in need.