What's in a Logo?

I read an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal about the meaning of various movie production logos. Older companies have recognizable logos that have been around for years. Some are simple while others are complex. If the logo is confusing, moviegoers and investors might not understand the message the production company wants to express. When I see the Disney, MGM, or Lionsgate logos appear at the beginning of a movie, I think I am in for a visual treat.

I thought about the Birmingham Public Library logo. It is a simple design reminding us that books are a great source of information. The glowing flame of knowledge emerging from the book tells me I can find a variety of resources at the library.

The Birmingham Public Library provides great sources of information for the public. Free internet and computer access is critical in today’s society. Every day, patrons conduct online job searching, resume writing, and communicate with friends through e-mail services. Through HomeworkAlabama, Learning Express Library, and the Alabama Virtual Library, patrons can do research and get homework help. The library presents educational and cultural programs as well as provides gathering spaces for public meetings. The library is a quiet place for those who want to play chess, read a magazine, or listen to music through a media device. Finally, everyone can find books, audio/visual materials, e-books, and downloadable books for entertainment and research.

Teresa Ceravolo
Southside Library