Kanopy for Students

Kanopy Database

Kanopy is an amazing movie streaming database similar to Netflix that allows you to browse through thousands of films which can be accessed for free using your library card.  You can choose up to six films per month and once you choose a title, you are allowed up to three days to watch it without using any of your remaining movie credits.  According to the database, Kanopy has one of the largest collections in the world (5x Netflix) and their films are more “educative” in nature, such as documentaries and foreign films.  Their motto is “thoughtful entertainment” and they seek to provide films that have social and cultural importance.

One of the many interesting features of Kanopy is that it has a category for Instructional Films and Lessons. One of the genres in this category is K-12 Lessons.  As we get closer to the start of this school year, students may find Kanopy to be a good resource to find the information they need.  There are a number of Shakespeare plays and other literature films available along with films on science, math, language studies, visual arts, history, earth science, and life science.  Many students are visual learners and these films may be a great way to bolster their education in these subjects.  The database is available as an app which can be used on Android and Apple devices.  It is also available as a steaming channel for devices like ROKU and Amazon Fire TV StickHere are some examples of available titles:

  • Mythology: Gods and Goddesses
  • Algebra (18 videos)
  • The Amazing Human Body Series - for High School & College (10 videos)
  • Leonardo and Michelangelo
  • D-Day: The Price of Freedom
  • Rocks And Minerals Series, for Middle School (4 videos)
  • Human Body Series, for Middle School (4 videos)
  • Spanish (Latin American) for Kids (12 videos)