Avondale Library Monthly Adult Yoga Class Begins August 9

Darnita Marshall's monthly yoga class at Avondale Library begins August 9

What: Mrs. Darnita's Gentle Yoga Class for Seniors and Adults
Where: Avondale Regional Library
When: First Friday of every month at 11 a.m. beginning August 9.
Details: Mrs. Darnita will talk about and demonstrate the importance of exercise through breathing, stretching, and meditation, and how to develop a healthier attitude and lifestyle. Patrons are asked to wear suitable exercise attire.

After seeing positive response to yoga classes she led as part of BPL's 2019 Summer Learning activities, Darnita Marshall of the Avondale Regional Library beginning in August is teaching a series of monthly free workshops to help patrons reduce stress and relax. The new class joins a weekly "Intro to Yoga"class BPL Board of Trustee Member Kimberly Richardson has taught since January at the Central Library. 

"Mrs. Darnita's Gentle Yoga Class for Seniors and Adults" will debut Friday, August 9, at 11 a.m. in the Avondale Library. A Library Assistant III employed at BPL for 26 years,  Marshall became curious about yoga two years ago and researched it.

"I have always known about cardio exercise and strength training, but never thought about yoga because I assumed you had to be a certain size to fully get the benefits from it," Marshall said.

As she looked into yoga, Marshall found out about its health benefits as an all-around fitness program. She  started out by watching yoga videos on YouTube, learning that yoga is  "not a competition and to stay within your limits."

Marshall then took yoga classes and continued practicing the poses. The breathing exercises and concentration on the poses helped her release stress, improved her posture, flexibility and muscle tone. She then began to share the benefits of yoga with friends and family.

Marshall was then offered an opportunity to teach a class this summer at Avondale Library, and was amazed at the positive response.

"There is a segment of our population who are interested in improving muscle tone, flexibility and strength," Marshall said. "This is important as we age and get involved in sports activity. My son recently joined a team sport and was complaining about muscle soreness.  I asked him to do a few poses with me.  He was surprised when he experienced relief from his muscle pain."

Marshall said
yoga exercises, such as "the famous tree pose," stretch various parts of the body, improve health in the thighs and shoulders, and strengthen ankles and calves. The Mayo Clinic says  yoga can help reduce stress and improve health.  

"I cannot state this enough but yoga can put you in a place of calmness, causes you to breathe better, and refocuses your thoughts," Marshall said. "Everyone can use techniques to help reduce the stress in their lives."