Catch Up on Coding Online at the Birmingham Public Library

Schools are closed, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop coding at the Birmingham Public Library!

BPL’s Central Library and Smithfield Public Library are hosting two online CS First coding classes for Spring Learning starting Monday, March 30, 2020.

BPL’s Spring Learning Challenge, launched this week, will feature three introductory level Scratch programs, including Journeys to Space with interactive presentations, while the other classes will feature two advanced level projects perfect for sports and fashion lovers. 

Here are the instructions to join Central Library and Smithfield Branch Library’s our online program:

1. Go to the following link:

 2. Click sign in in the upper right hand corner.

 3. Click I’m a student.

 4. If using CS First for the first time, choose new student and enter the class code.

 5. You will be given a username and password. Make sure you save them or you will not be able to get back to your project. Use these same credentials on any other sites, such as Scratch, that you may require an account.

 6. If you have used CS First before, sign in with your log in information and join the class. The button should be in the top left hand corner.

7. The class codes are as follows:
    1. 2yyynf for Spring Learning
    2. 6r9mnn for Advanced Spring Learning

Please be sure to look at the whole page once you start an activity. There will often be instructions and links to the right hand side of any videos. Pictures of projects may be used when finishes.

We can't wait to see what you'll create! For any questions about the program, please email Caitlin Jackson and Heather McWilliams at