New 150th Anniversary City of Birmingham Display Up at Central Library

By Paul Boncella, Map Conservator| Southern History Department 

Next time you visit the Central Library downtown, check out its new display on the first floor entrance paying tribute to the City of Birmingham's 150th birthday.  The display contains vintage photos from the BPL Archives showcasing downtown Birmingham.  

The Magic City has seen many changes over the past century and a half, but some things have remained constant over time. Indeed, although the streetcar wires and the horse-drawn vehicles seen in old photographs are things of the past, many of the buildings seen in the background have endured into the present.

The display is intended to inform visitors of this milestone and to offer them a glimpse into Birmingham's past through vintage street scenes. 

The Southern History Department  is grateful to the BPL Archives Department for the loan of the photographs and to BPL graphic designer Lisa Mitchell for creating the signage.

Happy 150th Anniversary, Birmingham!


Anonymous said…
this is a good thing, we can see the city the way it use to be thank you mr. author.