Southern History Department Hosting Genealogy News Workshop August 3


The Birmingham Public Library's Southern History Department is hosting a free genetic genealogy workshop via Zoom next month. 

"2021 Genetic Genealogy News and Q & A" will be held from noon to 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 3, 2021. The workshop, presented via Zoom, is free to the public but advanced registration is required. 

To register, click on this link to receive a Zoom invitation.

DNA testing companies impact the practice of genetic genealogy, and popular culture shapes public perceptions of it. Presenter Paul Boncella, map conservator for the Southern History Department, will examine recent moves by major players in the industry and upgrades to their services. During the workshop, he will also assess statements made in a recent documentary that point to racial bias in the products and services of these companies.

"Commentaries on the services of DNA testing companies appear in an ever growing number of sources, but how much of this material should you really believe?" Boncella said. "If you want to know how current DNA ancestry products actually work and how they can best serve consumers, you need to hear it directly from an expert in genetic genealogy. You can't google this stuff!"