On the Horizon - New Books in February

Horns – Joe Hill
Ig Perrish has lived for years under the suspicion that he murdered his former girlfriend. One day he wakes up with a pair of horns and the ability to force people to tell the thruth, and decides to use his new powers to track down and punish the actual killer.

Black Hills – Dan Simmons
At the famous battle of Little Big Horn, a young Sioux warrior counts coup on the body of the dying General Custer. Afterward, Custer’s spirit haunts the boy for the rest of his life, giving him the ability to see into the past and the future.

Brava, Valentine – Adriana Trigiani
In this second novel starring shoe designer Valentine Roncalli, the heroine travels to Italy for the wedding of her 80-year-old grandmother. There, she must also deal with her new business partner and falls for a dashing older man.

Winter Garden – Kristin Hannah
A father’s death reunites a pair of estranged daughters and their Russian-born mother in the countryside of the Pacific Northwest. When Meredith and Nina return home to care for their mother, they must find a way to connect with her and her tragic past.

Conspirata – Robert Harris
In the sequel to Imperium, Harris continues his tale of ancient Roman intrigue, chronicling the rise of Cicero to the rank of Roman Consul and his confrontation with his chief rival, Julius Caesar.

Point Omega – Don DeLillo
DeLillo’s latest is a tense, haunting examination of two men, one a general involved in planning the invasion of Iraq, now put out to pasture, the other an art-obsessed filmmaker determined to make him the subject of his next project.