Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book Review: The River Witch

Kimberly Brock's novel, The River Witch, is a beautifully written, haunting tale about loss, love, self-discovery and healing. I invite you to read a book about a beautiful, magical and mystical place, Manny’s Island, Georgia where seeds sprout, sending tiny shoots upward, their tendrils spreading love, hope and wonder. Beauty can be seen all around, from the cascading moss, to the winding river and glorious shimmering moonlight. You can almost feel the warm island breeze touching your face. Wondrous landscape, mystery, music and just a touch of magic surrounds all who live on the island.

Just imagine summer on Georgia’s coastline, the warm breeze coming off the river, singing a familiar lullaby. Let’s take a walk along Manny’s Island where you will find cord grass gently swaying, low-hanging moss, groves of live oaks,growling alligators and the comforting sound of sweet music. In this book, you will learn about the healing power of nature as well as music.

This story begins with thirty-year-old Roslyn Byrne who has experienced a series of tragedies. She lost her career as a professional ballerina and had a miscarriage after a car accident. Her mother recommends a realtor so she can get away for the summer. She spends her time on Manny’s Island, Georgia where she can recover and discover herself again. There, she meets a ten-year-old girl, Damascus,who is intelligent, spirited, and exactly who Roslyn Byrne needs in her life right now. Roslyn rents a house from Damascus’ family,the Trezevants, who are an interesting bunch. Well, Roslyn becomes more involved in family secrets, mysterious occurrences and tales from the past. The island is full of voodoo magic, mystery and dark beauty. As a result of the people and magic of Manny's Island, Roslyn discovers a new passion for life.

Kimberly Brock uses beautifully descriptive language to blend loss and tragedy with love, magic and wonder. If you are a fan of Southern Fiction, you will want to spend some of your summer reading this memorable debut novel. Just find a place on the porch, relax and enjoy this splendid tale.

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