Inglenook Library Staff Welcomes Renovation

Inglenook Library's temporary location at the Inglenook Recreation Center

As many know, the Inglenook Library is housed in the Inglenook Recreation Center until the renovation is completed. Though the renovation may seem like an inconvenience, it has given the Inglenook Library staff an opportunity to build lasting relationships that will hopefully continue when the Inglenook Library re-opens.

As the people of the Inglenook community become more acquainted with the library’s existence in the Inglenook Recreation Center, they will discover services that they weren’t aware of and provide the Inglenook Library staff the opportunity to promote these services. Sandra Womack, the Director of the Inglenook Recreation Center, has been wonderful in welcoming the Inglenook Library staff and directing existing and prospective patrons our way.

The staff is excited to about the renovation and though the Inglenook Library’s services are limited, the staff’s zeal to serve the community and build lasting relationships is limitless!

Submitted by Karnecia Williams
Inglenook Library