Friday, January 24, 2014

Children's Book Review: Mr. Wuffles!

Mr. Wuffles!
David Wiesner

After reading this book, no cat's toy will ever look the same.

Among Mr. Wuffles' toys, there is a new one, different from all the rest. It's similar to a spinning top, and there appears to be a small creature (about the size of an ant) peering through a slit. These aliens are here to peacefully explore earth, but unfortunately, their first contact is Mr. Wuffl‏es.

Wiesner's artwork reveals even more layers of the story each time one views a page making this a book even adult will want to return to. Mr.Wiesner is only the second person to win the Caldecott Medal three times.

Barbara Hutto
Youth Department
Central Library

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