Thursday, January 16, 2014

Teen Audio Book Review: Vanish

Sophie Jordan
Narrated by Therese Plummer

Jacinda, her twin, Tamra, and their mother must flee back to their "pride" when Jacinda shows her true self to the boy she loves: Will. Will is a menber of a family who hunts her people. The draki decides Jacinda, a fire breather, must marry the pride's heir apparent, Cassian, whom Tamra wants. The draki have the ability to morph from human to dragon form which is not revealed until the third CD, although Jacinda morphs several times. The angst Jacinda suffers over the duty to her pride and her love for Will ends the story with a cliffhanger.

Therese Plummer does a good job narrating this angst-filled story. Her character voices are distinct and easy to follow. Her pacing fits the narrative and the characters. When the character narrative says her voice breaks, the character's dialog reflects the break.

Lynn Carpenter
Five Points West

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