Podcasts For The Spirit

Winter Image

The winter season can be a quiet, beautiful time, giving us the opportunity for thought and reflection. Just pause and think about the beauty in nature.  During this time of year, look around you at the bright red holly berries, dramatically dark sky with shimmering stars, vivid sunsets with deep red, gold and purple hues, and finally stop and enjoy the comforting warm scent of fresh pine.  We hope you take some time out to relax and enjoy nature during this season.  What better way to improve your spirit than sitting and observing the quiet beauty found in nature?  Spending quiet time outdoors, at night, gazing at the stars can dramatically improve your mood.

Try these tips for coping with stress during this time of year:
  1. Try volunteering your time helping others.
  2. Seek community, religious or social events for support and comfort.
  3. Spend time outdoors.
  4. Remember healthy habits including a good diet, physical activity and getting a good night's sleep.
  5. Accept family and friends for who they truly are.
  6. Remember your budget
Patrons often ask librarians for book recommendations, as well as movie and audio recommendations.  Now, with digital media, we can offer podcast recommendations.  Podcasts are audio, radio or video episodes available for free online.  They usually are one hour-long and come out about once a week.  You can subscribe to a podcast or download individual episodes to your computer, tablet or other mobile device. I would like to recommend a few outstanding podcasts that deliver lessons on spirituality and creativity.  Listen to these podcasts for helpful discussions on thinking deeply, reducing stress, boosting your creativity, finding your true self, and discovering happiness.

The Daily Boost - This podcast is described as "the world's most popular daily motivation program."  Find inspiration, master life skills, reduce stress and stay motivated.  What better way to start the New Year?

A Quiet Mind with Robert Jackson - This self-improvement podcast will inspire, motivate and change the way you approach life.  Listen for practical ways to improve your well-being.

The Greater Good Podcast -  In this podcast, researchers and thinkers discuss the roots of morality, happiness and compassion.  This is an intelligent and inspirational podcast that will change your life approach.

Stuff To Blow Your Mind - This podcast explores the wonders of the universe including cosmic mysteries, neurological tidbits, evolutionary marvels and other science fascination.

I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts and discover some new favorites.  Spend quiet time this winter season to remember what truly matters.

If you listen to podcasts, tell us about some of your favorites.