Monday, March 05, 2012

College + Basketball = March Madness

2012 Final Four New Orleans
Is the NCAA Basketball Tournament the most exciting thing happening in March? In a word, yes! You watch your favorite teams play all season, then when tourney time comes around, their journey starts all over again. Sixty-eight teams will take the floor, but only one will become champion.

The NCAA Tournament has everything: David vs. Goliath, post-play vs. perimeter-play, lightning-quick offense vs. smothering defense, and that’s just the selection show! All the things we love about college basketball are put into a pressure cooker until they explode onto basketball courts around the country. The goal is simple: WIN OR GO HOME!!!

Every player and coach competing in the NCAA Tournament wants to be standing courtside in New Orleans at the Final Four. To make it to the Big Easy, teams must play their absolute best basketball. It takes heart, strength, skill, and determination. Making free throws also helps.

Do I sound pumped up for the tournament? You better believe it, and I hope you are too. Grab your bracket, pop some popcorn, find the remote control, and get ready. Selection Sunday is March 11 and the first round is March 13-14. The Final Four tips off in New Orleans on March 31 and the NCAA champion will be crowned on April 2. Check out the Basketball subject guide to find books, websites, and other information about March Madness. Enjoy the tournament.

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