Tuesday, March 27, 2012

West End Library Welcomes New Intern

The West End Branch Library welcomes its first AIDB (Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind) intern, Derek Smith. Derek, who is deaf, is a longtime patron of the West End Library. When Derek got laid off from his job, he needed a way to acquire new work skills and experience, so he applied to be a part of a federally funded program called “Exciting Business Two,” which is a collaboration between AIDB and Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation Service. The AIDB internship will pay Derek’s salary for ninety days for forty hours bi-weekly. Derek will concentrate on shelving books and other Library Assistant I duties. Please feel free to come by West End Branch Library and say “hello” to Derek.

Submitted by Maya Jones
West End Branch Library

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome. What a great opportunity for him. Best of luck Derek!

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