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ReferenceUSA is a powerful business tool which contains information for about 20 million businesses in the United States. What makes this database unique is its versatility—you can enter criteria of your choice to create customized lists of businesses. This database is helpful for those interested in marketing to certain types of businesses, locating business competitors, finding out-of-town businesses, or for many other uses. ReferenceUSA is free and available to registered Jefferson County Library users. You can use this database at your local public library or access remotely from any computer.

Birmingham Public Library provides step-by-step tutorials that highlight resources and services at the library. To view the ReferenceUSA tutorial, please click here . This tutorial demonstrates how to access and use ReferenceUSA; it will take 7 minutes to review. The tutorial is narrated so you will need headphones or speakers. However, if you don’t have access to those items you can follow along without sound. If you need help with ReferenceUSA or any of our other databases, please contact us—we're happy to help!'

Submitted by Business, Science, and Technology Department
Central Library


Anonymous said…
Thanks Tressa! and hello and thanks to everyone in Birmingham. If you are interested in learning more about using ReferenceUSA, in addition to the terrific tutorial produced by the Library, you can visit our growing catalog of YouTube videos - for more information contact Luke at 800 808 1113 or by email at reference@infogroup.com