Children's Book Review: Gabriella's Song (Ages 4-8)

book cover
Set amid the winding canals of Venice, Gabriella's Song , written by Candace Fleming, is the story of a young girl who transforms the lives of others through the beauty of music. Venice is truly the city of music, filled with romantic notes of love, notes of happiness and songs of sadness. It is the birthplace of opera and the air seems to carry arias and other melodic tones throughout the city.

Gabriella walks home, listening to the rhythmic sounds of the city. These magical notes blend with the sound of her mother's voice, eventually becoming Gabriella's song. Gabriella's heart song touches others as she meets the baker, a widow and a gondolier. The song winded and danced its way along the wind. Her song was eventually heard throughout Venice. This beautiful story reminds us of the transformative power of music and the beauty in sharing.

Bravissimo Gabriella!