Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts

On a book board I belong to, an Eat, Pray, Love discussion got a little heated between two camps: the camp that hated the self-indulgent story of a woman who runs for the hills instead of facing head-on the troubles in her life, and the camp that loved the true story of a woman who traveled the world to heal herself and ultimately others by sharing her memoir.

Elizabeth Gilbert was a married, successful 31-year-old writer who left her unfulfilling "good life" to travel to other countries, eating her way through Italy (Eat), getting in touch with her spiritual side in India (Pray), and falling in love in Indonesia (Love).

The movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts will be released on August 13. If Julia Roberts isn't one of your favorite actors, you might go just to gawk at her on the big screen and smirk at the ten pounds she claims to have gained eating pizza in Italy. But, then again, the joke will be on you. She's so tall you can't see the ten pounds, and she gained it by eating Italy.