Member Day 2012 a Fun Event

Member Day 2012 Birmingham Public Library
Library patrons from all over the Birmingham area were given a taste of an eclectic buffet of the arts and culture scene on Saturday, July 21, for Member Day 2012.

The Birmingham Museum of Art hosted an activity at the Birmingham Public Library Central Branch location. The full-day event aims to thank participating organizations' members for their support and patronage, while hopefully generating interest from those who don't normally experience their venue.

Shontay Wilson said her twin four-year-old girls claimed, "This place is fun!"

Sandi Lee, who acted as BPL's representative with the Membership Alliance, explained that the event is a sort of outreach for the different organizations to share other groups with their members.

"It gives people that are members the opportunity to visit and see what other places have to offer and see if they want to be a member there as well," said Lee.

Mallory Gibson, Membership Director for the Birmingham Museum of Art, praised the long-standing relationship between BPL and her organization.

"What's great about this experience is that you get to show people what they normally won't see or wouldn't experience. It's a snapshot of what's great in Birmingham all in one day," said Gibson.

The Cultural Alliance of Greater Birmingham and 18 local groups participated in the annual event.


Anonymous said…
I love you, BPL. I know libraries are fun places. However, not everyone is so enlightened. The usage of quotations in the title of this post is pretty hilarious, but maybe not the message you want to convey ;).
Melinda Shelton said…
You are correct, Anonymous. It isn't quite what we wanted to convey. Sometimes our punctuation marks get out of hand and we have to punish them with a time out.