Public Notice Material in the Government Documents Department Related to Soil Contamination in the North Birmingham Community

Government Documents Dept. logoThe material transferred from the North Birmingham branch of the Birmingham Public Library to the library’s Government Documents Department consists of a series of documents related to Walter Coke, Inc.’s (formerly Sloss Industries) efforts to evaluate and remove potentially contaminated soils in selected properties located in the following neighborhoods: Collegeville, Fairmont, and Harriman Park. The sites of Calloway Head Start School, Riggins Alternative School, the former Carver High School, and the former Hudson School were among the properties evaluated. The company was authorized to undertake this action by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There are currently 15 documents in this collection, ranging in dates from March 2008 to January 2012. The first document, dated March 2008, is the company’s “Residential Sampling Work Plan,” and the second, dated December 2009, is a “Residential Sampling Report.” Most of the subsequent documents relate to the process of implementing the “Residential Soil Remedial Action Work Plan,” including a final report issued in January 2012. Also included are the company’s clean up reports for both the Riggins school site and the Hudson school site.

All of these documents were transferred to the Central Library in June 2012 in anticipation of North Birmingham’s temporary closure for repairs. They have been added to the Government Documents Department’s collection of public notice materials and may be accessed by the public at any time the Central Library is open. For further information, please contact the Government Documents Department at 226-3620 or